Lyricsmint App FAQs

Why I'm seeing a blank screen when browsing content?

It's because you're on a slow internet connection or no internet access. Please ensure that you have a internet access and retry or reopen the app.

Why the app is crashing?

It's probably because you are on a slow internet connection not waiting enough for content to be loaded. Please wait and let the content load.

How can I clean the application cache?

You can go to system settings of android, go to manage application and clean cache. In Lyricsmint version 1.0.2 we have included option to clean cache inside the APP's settings

Why I'm not receiving push notifications from lyricsmint app?

You need to have a google account associated with your android device in order to receive push notifications. Also check settings and make sure it's marked to receive push notifications.

How can I stop receiving push notifications?

Uncheck the "enable push notifications" preference from settings.

How to disable sound alert of push notification?

Uncheck the "enable sound alert" preference from settings.

How can I update the lyricsmint app?

We'll notify you with latest update via push notifications. Click on update notification and it'll lead you to Google play store. You can visit play store and check for new version and install the update.

How can I save lyrics?

We allow to store 150 lyrics in offline storage. To save lyrics long press on lyrics and a context menu appears, click on save. Done! Lyrics are now saved in saved lyrics list.

Where will I find my saved lyrics?

From the menu click on saved and you'll see a list of your saved lyrics. You can view these lyrics without internet.

How do I delete my saved lyrics?

While browsing content from saved lyrics list, long press on lyrics and click on delete. Done!

What will happen if I store more than 150 lyrics?

You can only save 50 lyrics in offline storage of the app, if you add more lyrics to saved, your oldest saved song lyric will be deleted and latest one will be saved.

I have a lot of issues with this app, I need more features?

We appreciate that you installed our app and used it. It's the initial version of this app and we'll improve it with updates and provide better experience to our users. You can send us your feedback at Email: [email protected].

I liked lyricsmint app and I want to help it grow?

We're glad that you liked it. You can help us by giving good ratings on google play and tell about this app on social media like facebook, twitter etc. Ask your friends to install lyricsmint app. Give your feedback on google play, your appreciation will inspire us to do better. Thanks!

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